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Village Hill Ecological Restoration Project Update

Several months ago, the Woodside Landscape Committee kicked off an important new ecological restoration project in Town with the replanting of a variety of local native grasses and wildflowers on Village Hill.

Angels are all around us

A few months ago, I received a text from a person that I didn’t know. Someone that I  once helped with food had shared my number. The message said that they were a family of 5 living in Daly City, and that they were really low on food for that month.

A centerpiece of the Town of Woodside

Freshly painted, newly relocated and carefully restored to its original humble glory, the old Mathisen farmhouse has taken on its new role as a local history museum.

2015-01-21, 20:17

The foundation is important because it serves the whole community, and does not discriminate between local interest groups.

Jim Milton, WCF Board member
  • Oak Trees on Cañada Road Fund

    It doesn't take long for a good idea to take root in Woodside!

    More than 25 years ago, Noel Perry and a host of community activists raised the funds needed through the Woodside Community Foundation to plant more than 300 Oak Trees along Cañada Road. These stately trees now provide a glorious living canopy over Cañada Road.

2015-01-21, 20:17

Our trails are a unique and precious resource that connect us to nature, ourselves and to each other like nothing else and make us aware that we are part of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Maggie Mah