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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Huge thank you to the Shred It team! The morning went beautifully.

Type 5 Wildland Fire Engine

A WCF Grant of $10,000LHFBlogo

Our Local Disaster Relief Fund helped the La Honda Fire Brigade raise the $100,000 needed to purchase a Type 5 Wildland Fire Engine.

Virtual Concert

In need of a healthy dose of cheer?

Tune into the Woodside Village Band’s virtual rendition of The Teddy Bear's Picnic. We dare you not to smile while you conduct the band along with Yessica!

The Center Trail Bridge is Complete

Until four years ago, the Center Trail near Why Worry Lane was the major thoroughfare for equestrians traveling between Woodside Road and Portola Road. Well-used for more than 100 years, this trail served as equestrian's primary north/south linkage through Town. Then, in the winter of 2016, the banks of Bear Gulch Creek failed forcing the closure of this important equestrian pathway.

WCF joins a coalition of foundations responding to COVID

The Woodside Community Foundation is working hard to respond to the needs of our community during this coronavirus crisis. Here in our Town we are seeing fine examples of generosity and caring and are so very grateful for the philanthropic spirit of Woodside.

The Foundation elects a new President

In October, long-time Woodside resident and community powerhouse, Diane Talbert passed the WCF President’s baton to Marsha BonDurant. For the last four years, Diane has served as the Foundation’s President during which time she presided over an extensive update and overhaul of the Foundation’s organizational structure.

Methuselah Project

ann100In a recent conversation crackling with excitement, Ann McCormick said, "This tree really means a lot to a lot of people. Everyone wants to help with this project. It's just so gratifying." And thus Ann finds herself in a brand new role — the Pied Piper of the Methuselah Tree Project.

Kiely Judging Stand

BoyScoutsEmblemLook for the new judging stand at Kiely Equestrian Center. It's the work of J.B. Pellegrin for his Eagle Scout Project which was funded by one of our recent community grants. It's now completed and we think you'll agree that it's a beautiful new asset to the Woodside community.

Friends event

Friends MarkThe Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks, one of the foundation's community grant recipients, used their grant to purchase equipment aimed at broadening the impact of their beloved educational programs.

Woodside Landscape Committee 2017 Update

The Woodside Landscape Committee started Woodside’s first Ecological Restoration project in the fall of 2015 – the replanting of local native grasses and wildflowers on Village Hill.

WOW raises funds for Woodside Village Church repairs

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June, the recently formed Friends of the Woodside Village Church kicked off an energetic new effort to raise much-needed funds for repairs and deferred maintenance of the Town's historic Village Church.

Village Hill Ecological Restoration Project Update

Several months ago, the Woodside Landscape Committee kicked off an important new ecological restoration project in Town with the replanting of a variety of local native grasses and wildflowers on Village Hill.

August 19, 2015

When Spring and Sprite were installed on Village Hill in 2011, the sculptor, Veryl Goodnight said to wash them once a year.

Beauty is in the eye of the photographer

Many of the beautiful Woodside photos contained on our new website were taken by Foundation Board member Jim Milton. Here's what Jim has to say about picture taking and community involvement...

Woodside Community Museum

A centerpiece of the Town of Woodside

Freshly painted, newly relocated and carefully restored to its original humble glory, the old Mathisen farmhouse has taken on its new role as a local history museum.