Gearing up for Wildfire Season

Type 5 Wildland Fire Engine

A WCF Grant of $10,000LHFBlogo

Our Local Disaster Relief Fund helped the La Honda Fire Brigade raise the $100,000 needed to purchase a Type 5 Wildland Fire Engine.

This smaller addition to the Brigade's fire truck fleet can traverse the rugged backroads and light-weight bridges, getting firefighters to the source of wild fires. This small fire engine can carry up to 500 gallons of water / foam and firefighting equipment.

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The La Honda Fire Brigade remains as one of the last all-volunteer fire departments in the area. Staffed by a dedicated and professionally trained corps of volunteers, the brigade exists to protect lives, property and the unique environment of the rural portions of San Mateo County.

Numerous community members act as an auxiliary to the Brigade donating their time and expertise during fund raisers and towards maintaining the firehouse. This long success can be attributed to the community at large.

By supporting fund raisers and continuing annual membership (primary sources of funding), the community demonstrates a strong spirit and insures all-risk protection for residents and visitors of the area.

Be Prepared!

Visit these links for more info on how to prepare for wildfire season and how our communities are dealing with it:

 Comprehensive info from the Woodside Fire Protection District

 Sign up for the SMC Alert notification system used to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations

 Town of Woodside has info and links to other resources

 Info on Smoke Point, an app to help firefighters locate wildfires

 Link to the SMC Large Animal Evac group